Hi, I am Ashley. I am the owner and creator of Kemala.
I am also a mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt & more (all titles I pride myself very much on)! My Husband, three kids, and I reside just a smidge north of Pittsburgh, PA.
Two years ago I decided to hang my hat up on my corporate healthcare career and focus on my family. This was one of the easiest and hardest decisions I've ever had to make. Raising my three children is incredibly rewarding, but let's be honest motherhood (plus a few years) change you.
I understand the way I speak about myself and my body is going to directly impact the way my daughters view themselves and the way my son views women; with that I think there is a great importance in loving the body you are in and carrying yourself with confidence. This is where Kemala was born.
Kemala chooses to focus on your body for THE WAY IT IS TODAY! There is a sense of peace and self love that is here to be discovered with Kemala, so welcome!